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[Complete] They're Experimenting 
27th-Mar-2007 11:04 pm
crazed laughter
Characters: Hojo (shinra_hojo) and Rufus (governbyfear)
Where: Hojo's laboratory, Science Department, 67th floor
Rating: PG
Summary: Set after this thread. Hojo performs an experiment on Rufus. (Pre-time freeze)
Warning: Hojo is not responsible for any traumatizing mental imagery this log may cause.

Hojo was just finishing up removing the glass from his face and sterilizing his wounds. He hated when things like this happened. He needed to destress. He pressed the intercom for the upper levels of the Shinra building.

"Rufus Shinra, please report to Floor 67 immediately."

Rufus, in the middle of doing paperwork that was about three weeks behind, looked up when the page sounded, sighing in annoyance when he realised who it was that was speaking.  He had been seeing Hojo ever since he was a kid for these little experiment sessions.  It was almost as though they were a way that his father could justify anything that the Science department did.  "Look at me, I'm allowing my only son, my only heir, to have this done to him.  I wouldn't put him in danger, now, would I?"  Rufus shoved the papers away from him and grabbed his jacket, though he knew that he wouldn't be needing it.

A short elevator ride later, and he was standing in the doorway of Hojo's lab, leaning against the frame and looking as annoyed as he felt.  "You rang?"

Hojo looked up at the doorway. "Prompt, aren't we?" He smiled sadistically. "Get over here and take off that silly jacket."

Rolling his eyes, Rufus walked over to where Hojo directed him, removing his jacket and draping it over a chair he passed.  "You always seem to make it several times worse when I don't answer your whims.  I'm going to be busy the next few days, so I'd like to keep this as pain-free as possible.  I need to be able to concentrate."  He crossed his arms over his chest, giving Hojo a look of disapproval.  "So what is it to be today, my sleeves rolled up, or my shirt entirely off?"

Before he could help himself, Rufus did a double-take, finally taking in Hojo's appearance.  "What happened you you?"

Hojo sighed. "If you must know, I was trying to settle an argument with myself and ended up kicking my own ass. Now off with the shirt." He motioned with his hand for Rufus to hurry with the action.

Rufus gave him a sideways glance, wondering whether or not to take him seriously.  In the end, though, he figured that serious or not, Hojo was still one creepy son of a bitch.  "You enjoy this far too much."  Unbuttoning his vest, then his shirt, he folded them and draped them over his jacket, turning to face Hojo bare-chested.  "What next, doctor?"  His words were heavily accented with sarcasm, and he raised one eyebrow in mock curiosity.  In truth, he'd love to be anywhere but the lab just then.  Even paperwork seemed like a haven compared to this ordeal.

Hojo seemed way too pleased to have Rufus shirtless in his lab. He grabbed his stephoscope and checked Rufus's heart rate and breathing. "Just breathe normally."

Rolling his eyes Rufus thought about breathing more quickly than usual, just to spite Hojo.  But he wanted to get this over with as soon as possible, so he took a deep breath, then tried to pretend he was somewhere else.

Costa del Sol... Home with a day off... anywhere but here...

"Covering for your father again, are you? It's a good thing you're not into women like that, or the company'd be in trouble."

At first Rufus thought that the words were an off-handed compliment, until the meaning hit him.  Raising his eyebrows, he didn't bother hiding how offended he was by that.  "Excuse me?"

Hojo slid down his stephoscope and put on his gloves. "No use hiding it. You're as gay as the company's annual christmas fruitcake."

Rufus' expression turned to one of mild shock and offense to a glare.  "Firstly, that's not any of your business.  Secondly, I'm not.  Simply because I have no interest in dating women doesn't mean I'm gay.  It just means I'm not interested in social climbers trying to get me into bed.  Men, or women."

He prepped a needle. "You just keep telling yourself that."

He felt like walking out on Hojo's little mind games, but that would have made things worse the next time around.  "And what makes you such an expert, hm?  Hiding something from the rest of us, are you?"

He grinned, adjusting the liquid levels of the injection. "Maybe I am. Care to try your luck, kid?"

Rufus blinked, feeling awkward all of a sudden.  "I hope you're joking with me."

He sterilized the injection site. "Do you feel lucky, punk?"

Scoffing, Rufus looked away.  "I'm not a kid any more.  I'd appreciate it if you didn't speak to me that way."  Hojo always got to him, no matter how cool he tried to stay.  Something about the man just made Rufus' skin crawl.  It didn't help that he saw him half naked on a regular basis.

In order to stave off the weird atmosphere that had entered the lab, Rufus tried changing the subject.  "So what are you injecting this time?"

"Jenova cells this time. Don't stress yourself too much." He injected the cells.

He blinked, sucking in a breath at the pain of the injection.  It was no worse than usual, but somehow he never got used to it.  It wasn't even as though the injections hurt that much, but somehow knowing what was in the needle made it that much worse.  "And the point of this injection?  Don't tell me you're trying to turn me into a SOLDIER."

He touched Rufus cheek with his free hand. "Not at all. I have something bigger in mind for you."

Rufus shied away from the touch and raised an eyebrow in question.  "Oh?  Care to share your grand plans with the one you're planning them for?"

He disposed of the needle and gloves, then turned back to Rufus. "Why would I turn you into a SOLDIER? You're an exquisite specimen, and I intend to improve upon your excellence."

Normally Rufus would let his ego inflate a little at being called an exquisite anything.  But from Hojo, it was just too weird.  He didn't know if it was a compliment or a death sentence.  Not that his father would let his only heir be experimented on to death.  That was the only stipulation of this little agreement.  Hojo could do as he liked, as long as Rufus appeared unharmed and was still able to go through with his day to day duties with little discomfort.  Rufus hated his father for bargaining him as though he were goods to be traded.

"Improve?  I'm not sure that's comforting."

He checked Rufus' heart rate and breathing again. "Would it ease your mind if I told you that you have the genetic potential to be a living god?"

Rufus gave him a wry look.  "At this point I think you'd tell me anything just to get me to shut up about it."

"You say that as if I don't already have a shattered and shady reputation."

"Politeness dictates that I not bring that up.  But since you mentioned it, I have to agree that you're not exactly the best looked-upon person in the company."  That was putting it mildly.  Rufus had had enough.  "Are we finished here?"

"Yes. Go easy on yourself, Rufus."

Letting out a sigh, he gave a dismissive shrug and went to put his clothes back on.  "As if I'm about to go out and run a marathon after this.  You tell me this every time.  I think I understand by now."  He buttoned his shirt and vest up quickly, and tossed his jacket over his arm.  "If I start having any sort of reactions to this, you'd better believe that I'm going to wake you up at three in the morning to fix it."

"I'll be waiting."

The words creeped him out, but he left before any of the biting remarks could escape his mouth, heading back to his office to try and forget the whole ordeal.
9th-Apr-2010 10:01 am (UTC) - Hiawatha
This story is interesting. Any more?
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