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Characters: Zack, Cloud, and Aeris Setting: Midgar (or wherever… 
5th-Apr-2007 12:48 am
Turn to me
Characters: Zack, Cloud, and Aeris
Setting: Midgar (or wherever else)
Rating: I have no idea. :DDDDDD Worksafe, unless something happens?
Status: Incomplete.

'Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on meeeee! These little chiiilllldren are asking you: please coooome out so we can plaaay with yooouuu. Mr. Sun -- ' Shrieking as his song was interrupted, a small child was ushered out of the church.

"Please make that noise elsewhere," the flower girl pleaded with a gentle smile that betrayed her frustration. Other children such as this one had been plaguing her for hours, and she was beginning to think that someone had deliberately told the entire youthful population of Midgar to go play in the church. "Mr. Sun can't come out to play with you now, because he's hiding behind the clouds. Please go home. The flowers are tired, and they can't sleep if you're making noise," she called to the small boy as he turned to come back inside. He made a funny face, but he left just the same, and Aeris breathed an audible sigh of relief.

She turned to resume her earlier preparations, straightening a few bent flowers and dusting off a few benches with her gardening gloves. She brushed herself off (gray dust was easily visible on a white dress) and looked around. There wasn't much more she could do to tidy up; she was attempting to straighten an abandoned church, for Shiva's sake.

All for a good reason. She was expecting guests. Well, to her discredit, she had been expecting guests for a while now. Each day she would dust off a patch of the floor or nurse a few flowers in anticipation of being visited, though she knew full well that Zack was a busy person these days (he always was). Whenever he finally did get around to visiting, though, she wanted to make sure no one suffocated on excess dust, so she kept the church mostly clean.

She had set up a small place for herself and her visitor(s) on part of the wooden floor using a checkered picnic blanket, atop which rested a plain tea kettle, six cups, and a basket with a few simple foods she had brought from home. (She hoped the bread wasn't too stale...she had been bringing the same basket each day for almost a week now.) She supposed they could sit on the benches if the floor was too uncomfortable, but it was a poor place to eat if one had to use his/her lap to keep the food. I should consider dragging a table over here, she thought absently.

Truthfully, Aeris wasn't only hoping her boyfriend would show up. She was hoping he would bring his little blond shadow (as she oh-so-affectionately dubbed Cloud) along with him. She was dying to meet the boy, and she was also eager to see how the two of them acted together in person. (Maybe, if she was lucky, they might go so far as to make out in front of her. She tried to ignore the flutter in her chest at the thought.) Aeris wasn't jealous of Cloud in the least; if anything, she was even happier now that Zack had both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. Who was who, Aeris left up to Zack to decide. "I'm only joking," she told the flowers. "I know I'm not a boy." She prodded a leaf with her index finger. "Oh, and Cloud's not a girl. So far as I know." She giggled and poked the flower again. "I'm kidding! Don't give me that look." She stood up and moved to another patch of flowers, humming to herself and considering the possibilities of what might happen if both boys came to visit.

Besides, if she wanted time alone with her boyfriend -- Their boyfriend? -- all she had to do was slip some aloe ferox into the blond boy's tea and let the power of highly-effective laxatives do the rest. Instant privacy.
5th-Apr-2007 01:16 pm (UTC)
In the meantime, said blond boy was having lunch with Zack in a restaurant only ten minutes away from the church. Zack was, for his part, looking rather animated, waving and gesturing in the air with a half-eaten chicken drumstick like a conductor with his baton as he gabbled something about his childhood, fluffiness, Twin Guns, and how you should never trust anything that came from Gongagans. (Especially not if the Gongagan was a Turk whose first name began with 'R'. SOLDIER Gongagans whose names began with 'Z' were perfectly trustable, of course.)

At the end of his tirade, Zack took a bite of his drumstick and nodded conclusively. "And that," he said, chewing on the abused piece of honey-roasted poultry, "is why you shouldn't believe anyone who shows you a picture of a dorky little kid and claims it's me. Because it isn't." He swallowed. "It's clearly photomanipulated."

Zack looked around. It's been a while since I've been here. Most of the time I come just to visit Aeris." He sighed and shook his head. "It's been too long." He took another bite of chicken. "I can't remember if you said you've been here often in the past or not."
5th-Apr-2007 10:17 pm (UTC)
For the most part, Cloud was making a good effort to listen to what Zack was telling him, but he was easily distracted by the sights outside the window. His attention darted back and forth between the window and the brunet, though he figured he should probably be focusing more on Zack, since this was the part of the trip that the blond was supposed to be enjoying. He laughed quietly at something Zack said about photomanipulation before picking at the untouched food on his own plate. He didn't respond to Zack's last statement, though it seemed to require some form of acknowledgment.

Cloud had agreed to meet Aeris for two reasons: firstly because he had disappointed Zack by stubbornly refusing to go when asked, and secondly so he could spend time with the SOLDIER outside of their normal schedules. Cloud figured he was being sneaky by using this visit as an excuse to tag along with Zack, but his motives were probably pretty darn obvious to the other two involved.

"How often do you visit her, anyway?" Cloud prompted his friend to keep talking, if only to keep them here longer. He really wasn't interested in the answer unless it happened to be a very small frequency, since he wasn't too keen on hearing if Zack had been here to see his girlfriend more than once a month. Cloud had made no effort to hide his blatant jealousy of Aeris; the flower girl had been the object of Zack's affection for as long as Cloud had known the SOLDIER, and he was sure the two must have spent long hours together and probably shared numerous kisses and other such things.

Zack had been right in asking a while back if Cloud was the possessive type, but the younger boy also knew that Aeris was there first, giving him no right to be possessive. Still, he reserved the right to at least be jealous, and he was making an obvious display of it whenever his expression darkened and his nose wrinkled at any mention of the flower girl. And here they were, about to go and visit her, and Cloud's stomach jumped a little each time Zack got closer to finishing his lunch. The blond wanted to prolong their meal, so he had been letting Zack ramble on about...about whatever it was he was saying in order to distract him from eating, but the brunet didn't seem to have a problem with talking with his mouth full.

If Zack finished his meal too soon, Cloud figured he could always spill his drink (it was still full) or trip a passing employee and blame it on the SOLDIER to stall for time.
6th-Apr-2007 02:05 am (UTC)
"Not often enough?" Zack said in response to Cloud's question. He shrugged. "But that's the crappy thing about our job, isn't it? I mean, I love it, but we're just way too far away from Midgar."

He chewed thoughtfully. "It'd be nice if the workplace was a bit closer though, wouldn't it? It wouldn't take so long to get here, for one thing. You wouldn't be so tired." Zack put down his drumstick and went for the fries. "I assume that's why you haven't eaten anything yet," he remarked pointedly, a small smile curling his lips. "You'd better have something; the church doesn't exactly have snacks."

The brunet picked up a fork, speared one of his fries, dipped it daintily in ketchup and then leaned his arm across the table, playfully waving the piece of potato in front of Cloud's mouth. "C'mon," he coaxed, "it's good."
6th-Apr-2007 03:55 am (UTC)
Does he expect me to eat that? Cloud quirked an eyebrow and looked between Zack and the fry. Right off his fork? He was about to protest and make a big deal out of it, but there was really no need to start drama over something so stupid. "Not hungry." He pushed the fork and fry away with his middle and index fingers as he leaned his head back to look at the ceiling.

"And I'm not tired," he commented, still not bothering to eat anything. He hoped Zack wouldn't try to feed him anything else; he couldn't exactly refuse multiple times, and at the moment, he was hoping to keep Zack's mind off their earlier conversation, in which Cloud had promised to kiss him in front of whoever happened to be in a restaurant with them. And while the blond was tempted to see if anyone would laugh and be put through a window, he wasn't sure if it was worth the embarrassment.

He sipped his drink through a straw, staring at Zack instead of at the ceiling, then asked, "You plan to stay with her until dinnertime, right? Because she'll kick you out?" He avoided saying 'we' and 'us', since he didn't consider himself part of the visiting party.
6th-Apr-2007 05:19 am (UTC)
Zack deftly swivelled his wrist and put the fry in his mouth. "Yep!" he said cheerfully, chewing and swallowing. "Unless she asks us to stay 'til later. Or if she kicks us out earlier." He shrugged. "It's up to her."

He speared another fry and held it up to Cloud's mouth, more insistently this time. "Eat something," he said, "or else you'll get hungry later. And your stomach will make loud noises and you'll feel silly." Zack waved the piece of potato in small circles in the air and put on a mock-threatening face. "It's either the fry, or something off your plate. Choose."

Zack picked up another fry and placed it between his lips, holding that, along with the one on the end of his fork, out to Cloud. "Choose," he said again out of the corner of his mouth (it sounded quite a lot like "foof", but Zack hoped that Cloud would get the gist.)
6th-Apr-2007 02:42 pm (UTC)
"What? You...you can't boss me around off-duty. I don't have to choose." Right, because being standoffish and not eating a single bite while he was out with Zack were great ways to win the brunet over. Not that it was a competition. Not that he'd ever harbor plans of getting Zack to like him more than Aeris. Not that every thought running through his head was helping him concoct methods of doing just that. Because that would be just plain immature.

Screw being embarrassed; just because he was raised on smalltown sensibilities, didn't mean he couldn't ever try something a little less conservative. "Fine, I'll eat something, but only because I don't want your girlfriend to hear my stomach and decide to feed me something weird."

As his fingers strayed to his plate for food, he leaned forward and bit off the fry in Zack's mouth, keeping only minimal contact between their mouths and using his tongue to scoop the rest of it out from between the SOLDIER's lips. He licked a bit of salt off the brunet's lower lip for good measure, then pulled back, rested his chin in his hand, and picked the other fry off Zack's fork, finishing that one off as well. He didn't look to see if anyone had watched him; he wasn't sure he really wanted to know, and it didn't help that he knew he was blushing madly.

"I don't want to stay 'til later," he added randomly, sipping his drink again. "I'd prefer for her to kick you out earlier," he mumbled with the straw still in his mouth before moving the drink off to the side.
6th-Apr-2007 03:25 pm (UTC)
Zack licked his lips with a wet smack. "So you'd have more time to perfect that kiss, right?" he chuckled good-humoredly. He shook his head, popping another fry into his mouth. "It's official," he said matter-of-factly, "that was the worst kiss ever. In the world, even." He smiled mischievously. "Aeris could do better upside-down and blindfolded."

Zack stood up, his chair screeching backward on the hard, polished floor. He walked around the table and slid into the seat next to Cloud's. Zack brought his plate over to his side, picking up another fry.

"Care to try again?" he grinned, placing the fry between his lips and leaning in.
6th-Apr-2007 04:24 pm (UTC)
After a blow like that to his self-confidence? No, Cloud didn't think he'd like to try that again. He probably knows I'm jealous, though. He's manipulating me. At that thought, he found himself forcing a pouting glare at the brunet next to him, wishing Zack would go back to his own side of the table and give Cloud's face a chance to stop burning.

If he refused now, he would just leave it at 'the worst kiss ever', and Zack would probably go kiss Aeris. Upside-down. Blindfolded. Cloud shuddered slightly, half in disgust at the thought of the two kissing. With a small growl, he leaned closer and tried again, quickly swallowing the fry and concentrating more on Zack's lips. He had no idea what he was doing, so if Zack insulted him again, he figured he would just ignore the older boy for the duration of the day. For now, he focused on keeping his mouth sealed to Zack's, trying not to force their teeth together.
6th-Apr-2007 04:49 pm (UTC)
The kiss was light-hearted and more of a fond peck, owing largely to the fact that Zack was smiling far too widely to put any lip into it. It didn't matter too much to the SOLDIER, however, as he wasn't planning on making-out with Cloud right in public. Small exchanges of affection were enough. (Though, of course, that was a complete flip-flop when it came to a more secluded area.)

Zack broke off the kiss, laughing softly. Although he greatly disliked the fact that his best friend (now technically his boyfriend, if Cloud wanted to call it that) disliked his girlfriend, he had to admit-- Cloud could be pretty damned cute. He leaned in again to steal another kiss, his hand snaking up to first cup the back of Cloud's head, then to tease through the blond's spikes. His tongue flicked across Cloud's lips, but the kiss didn't go any further than that.

Instead, he let his head fall so that his cheek rested on Cloud's shoulder, his spiky raven hair poking (somewhat threateningly) at Cloud's neck. "Much better," he sighed, pleased. Zack forked another piece of potato into his mouth before using the other end of the fork to nudge at the food on Cloud's plate. "So're you gonna eat anything, or am I gonna have to feed the rest to you?"
7th-Apr-2007 05:15 am (UTC)
No, Cloud felt he had come out of his shell enough for one day. He hurriedly turned back to his plate and began shoveling potato chips into his mouth without another word, doing his best to ignore the SOLDIER's extremely close proximity to him. (He was very, very tempted to kiss Zack again, public setting or not.)

It was bad enough that someone might have seen him eating two fries from Zack's mouth; if the brunet had to feed him as well, Cloud would never be able to show his face in this restaurant again. (It probably was no big deal to anyone but himself, but it seemed like something he should be embarrassed about.) He contemplated hiding his head under something like a napkin, but that would draw even more attention, and it was stupid to even consider doing it.

Halfway through wolfing down his chips, Cloud realized his error and began eating more slowly. Embarrassed or not, stuffing his face with his food was no way to prolong a meal. So far, they had been playing with their food almost as much as eating it, but at least it was taking up time.

With a contented smile that leaked only a hint of devious intentions, Cloud made sure he kept his drink close to his hand in case he needed to deliberately knock it over. He wondered also if he could spill it on Zack's clothes instead; a large spill to the older boy's crotch area would be unpleasant, but it would also be a reason to wait around for the brunet's pants to dry. Cloud couldn't imagine why Zack would want to show up at his girlfriend's place looking like he wet his pants.

Turning his attention away from the drink, Cloud lifted a hand to Zack's face and used his index finger to pull at the SOLDIER's lower lip. Grinning, he picked up two chips and stuck them between Zack's lips before releasing his hold on the lower one, making it look like Zack had a duckbill made of chips. Cloud laughed softly and returned to eating. Slowly.

((OOC: That was mostly Megan's idea. DX Or at least, it was her fault for showing me this and this. >.< Don't blame me.))
7th-Apr-2007 02:17 pm (UTC)
"Pfft," Zack said, then instantly shot a hand in front of his lips to stop the chips from flying out of his mouth and skidding across the table. He picked a chip up off his palm and nibbled off a bit of it before getting another idea.

"Cute," he remarked to Cloud, picking up some of his fries and sticking them between the chips. He held the 'sandwich' up to his mouth. "Be glad I'm not a duck. I'd peck you more if I was."

As if to demonstrate, Zack leaned over and nipped playfully (but sharply) on Cloud's jawbone before returning to his 'sandwich' and cramming the whole thing into his mouth. He chewed quickly and swallowed.

"Hey," he said, giving Cloud a poke, "you're being really quiet." Zack looked searchingly at Cloud's face then grinned. "Okay," he said in a tone that indicated that he knew that Cloud was up to something, "what're you planning?"

(( I'd never be able to do that crisps thing IRL. XD Too much of an urge to bite down. ))
7th-Apr-2007 08:17 pm (UTC)
Cloud's mouth spread into a grin almost immediately as Zack acknowledged his scheming. He rubbed at his jawbone with the back of his hand, only half-thankful that Zack wasn't a duck for that, and he tilted his head to the side a bit. It would have been a good position from which to feign innocence, but his spiky bangs fell in one of his eyes before he could really get the full effect going.

Instead of denying anything and trying to give Zack some sort of wide-eyed puppy-dog expression (it would be far from believable at this point), Cloud smirked and leaned back in his seat, looking at the ceiling again. Maybe if he just blurted out everything he had come up with, Zack wouldn't even believe him.

"Honestly? I'm deciding between a few things. I can spill this," he picked up his cup, shook it from side to side, and put it back down, "on your pants; I can trip someone---which I can't do now, since you're sitting there; I can blindfold you with napkins---" He held up a 'chain' of two napkins that he had tied together. "---and try to knock you out and drag you somewhere...I haven't really thought it through yet. Just coming up with ways to get between you and your girlfriend." He shrugged and wondered if any of that was believable. Being so blatant, maybe it wasn't.

Cloud sort of figured he wouldn't be able to knock Zack unconscious anyway, what with the difference in their ranks. And even if he did, he wouldn't be able to drag the SOLDIER very far at all. "Can I get in trouble for harming a superior officer while off-duty?" He asked anyway, just to be sure, as if Zack would just let the blond hit him over the head with a metal bar or something. He didn't wait before adding, "You're a bad influence, you know that?"

((OOC: But you wouldn't have to hold it for very long, right? And ew, that sounds like such a gross sandwich idea. XD))
8th-Apr-2007 02:04 am (UTC)
"Glad to be so," Zack grinned. He wasn't sure if Cloud was joking or not (he seriously hoped that Cloud was just kidding) but, seeing as how Cloud had a tendency towards jealousy, Zack figured it was better to play safe than sorry. He picked up Cloud's drink and bent to the side, placing it on the floor under his chair.

"I don't think you'd get in trouble for harming me. But I'd like to see you try," Zack said. He reached up and fondly ruffled Cloud's hair. "Don't get too cocky. You haven't even sat the SOLDIER exams yet."

There was a pause. Zack's expression melted into a serious one. "Are you really that against meeting Aeris?" he asked. The brunet already guessed that there might be trouble putting Cloud and Aeris together in the same room, but he'd hoped that they'd work past it. Aeris was very likeable, after all, as was Cloud (when he wasn't being sulky). Besides, Aeris had said that she was the first person Cloud had revealed his crush to, so surely there had to be some kind of friendship (albeit a very strange one) there. It was natural for Zack to want everyone to get along, and he was kind of excited over the prospect of his best friend (slash boyfriend) and his girlfriend taking to each other.

But if Cloud was really so terribly opposed to meeting Aeris... Zack looked mildly troubled. As much as Zack would've hated to do it, he'd throw Cloud out of the church on his ass if Cloud started getting out of line. (He figured it'd either be that, or let Aeris slap him. Which was a slightly amusing thought, since Zack was pretty sure that Aeris would be able to kick Cloud's ass for perhaps about the first few seconds, but seeing as how the aim of their little meeting was to have everyone become friends, Zack figured that letting Aeris smack Cloud probably wouldn't be a good idea in the long run.)

Zack sighed and chose to remain optimistic. They were both likeable people, after all. He was pretty sure that they'd like each other eventually.

But, just in case... "I know I've said this a lot of times before," Zack said, "but she's really nice. Really. You'll like her. Just give her a chance." He leaned over and gave Cloud a kiss and a small smile. "Please?"

(( Whut? IT'S DELICIOUS! >:O Dude, I do that all the time! With crisps and fries, crisps and different-flavored crisps... you should try it, it's yummy! XD ))
8th-Apr-2007 03:10 am (UTC)
Cloud groaned as he let his head drop to the table. (Thankfully, one of his arms was there to cushion the fall and prevent his skull from cracking.) How was he supposed to say no to that? He noticed that his throat was dry all of a sudden, and he wished Zack hadn't confiscated his drink.

"Fine, I'll give her a chance," he mumbled into his sleeve, not raising his head. "Just one." His voice was muffled to the point where it was probably inaudible, but at least his conscience would be clear. He realized that he was making it very easy for Zack to pull the strings here, letting the brunet manipulate his every move with silly little gestures like that. (Looking back, he also wished he'd said something like, "Do more to convince me." He might have gotten more out of it.)

It wasn't as if Cloud actually had anything against Aeris herself; he just disliked Zack's girlfriend. Who happened to be Aeris. Circular logic or not, it was the position that Cloud disliked, not the person filling it.

"I'll pretend I'm not biased against her already." He lifted his head and snatched a fry, which he began waving around as he spoke in a direct imitation of how Zack had used the chicken drumstick. "Because she was here first, and she's a good person, and you love her more, and you think we'll get along, et cetera, et cetera." He put the fry back with the rest rather than eating it (he was severely lacking in table manners today), and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

In any case, if Aeris was anything less than a perfect angel, Cloud would be sure to point out each and every one of her flaws to Zack on their way back in a manner that was subtle and not too obnoxious (he'd think more on that later). Maybe that would take her down a notch in the SOLDIER's mind.

((OOC: But then...that's crispy plus mushy, and that's a weird combination. :\ My brother dips his fries in soda, though, so I guess yours isn't as bad.))
8th-Apr-2007 03:51 am (UTC)
Zack's smile widened. "Thank you," he said with obvious gratitude. Rather than give Cloud another kiss (which was his original intention, but the other patrons of the restaurant were beginning to stare), he put his hand over Cloud's. The top of Zack's palm rested comfortably over Cloud's knuckles as he interlaced their fingers together, giving Cloud's hand a firm but gentle squeeze. With his other hand, Zack lifted another fry to his mouth and took a bite.

"And who says I love her more?" he grinned. The implication behind that statement was a bit of a lie, but the statement itself wasn't exactly false either. The brunet loved them both about equally and for different reasons (they were two different people, after all, and not entirely comparable), but Zack figured there couldn't be anything wrong with allaying a few of Cloud's insecurities for a bit.

Zack put down the fry on the edge of his plate, feeling full. "I'm done here," he said. He wiped his free hand on a napkin and then brought out his wallet. "You finished?"

(( But that adds to the funky texture! :D It's like nachos, a little, except more... potato-ey. I luuuurve potato. ))
8th-Apr-2007 04:27 am (UTC)
"Not yet." Cloud grabbed Zack's wrist to stop the brunet from moving his wallet farther, squeezing lightly before letting go and finishing off the older boy's discarded fry. He figured now would be the best time to put one of his demented plans into action and keep Zack here with him, but like most ideas he came up with, nothing really seemed doable when he got down to it. Hey, I could steal his wallet and sit on it. That was doomed to fail almost as badly as the napkin-blindfold idea, though.

Cloud grabbed another fry and kept it securely between his teeth, figuring he could just sit for eternity with that fry in his mouth and not leave. "I'm not done," he mumbled, trying not to let it fall out.

Pulling Zack's plate over to him, he pretended to be fully intent on eating all of what was left. "You can't be in that much of a hurry," he added, and the uneaten fry fell out of his mouth and into his lap. He brushed it off and onto the floor before sticking a new one in his mouth to replace it. "I just got hungry," he said more carefully, "and thirsty, but you stole my drink."

((OOC: I had mashed potatoes for dinner. But some were chunky and I had to mash them more with a fork. >:D And you're the one who usually tells me off for eating Aeris. Hypocrite. But...*braces self*...I've never had nachos, so...potato-ey nachos aren't something I can imagine. >.>))
8th-Apr-2007 04:48 am (UTC)
(( "Actually," said Zack honestly, "I'm only in a hurry because my mun feels bad about excluding our dear Ahh-ree from the arrpeh, but if you feel like distracting me by jumping my bones right now, I probably wouldn't mind." ))

Zack raised an eyebrow. "You just got hungry? When you weren't hungry just a few minutes ago? Pfft." He stuck his tongue out. "You are such a bad liar."

The brunet brought Cloud's cup back up to the table anyway. "Here," he said, smiling. "But know that, if you spill it on me, I'm not kissing you again." He paused, as if trying to consider something just slightly more threatening. "Ever," he added as an afterthought. Zack flipped open his wallet, one-handedly pulling out some gil and putting it on the table before replacing his wallet in his pocket. After a moment's pause, he picked up the gil and held it in his hand, in case Cloud decided to nick it and not give it back to prolong the time.

(( Aww! You reminded me of making jacket potatoes. I like mashing the potatoes for that. XD And... WHAT. How can you never have eaten a nacho? ;__; Oh God, dude, you have not lived. GET OUT THERE AND EAT A NACHO. And a burger. ))
8th-Apr-2007 05:15 am (UTC)
Cloud's eyes narrowed as he watched Zack pick the gil back up. Damn, he's good. The younger boy finished the fry in his mouth and eyed his drink. He wasn't thirsty at all, but he could always just keep the straw in his mouth for a while. It was easier than holding a fry.

The threat about not kissing him, though? That was a thought worth considering. There was no way it would be worth keeping Zack here for a few extra minutes if the brunet would never kiss him again. He got me. Cloud chewed on his straw for a bit, then pushed the cup away from him.

"Nevermind, I'm done," he concluded with a resigned glance at the table. He fished some gil from his pocket and started counting in his head. Halfway through the money, he paused and asked in a quieter voice, "What if the spill was just a very convenient accident? Would you still never kiss me?"

((OOC: I'm laughing so hard at that first part. You know Ari's having a ball with this, right? She WANTS to watch and wait, the evil nut. XP And I know, I need to eat a nacho and a burger and...other things I can't remember. (Stinky tofu or whatever that was, too.) I'm just inhuman or something, maybe. D:))
8th-Apr-2007 06:35 am (UTC)
Zack put a hand over Cloud's, gently pushing the gil away. "Keep it. Lunch is on me," he said. (Briefly, he considered pushing the drink away as well, in case Cloud decided to interpret Zack's words in a literal sense.)

"And," he continued, "that depends on whether or not you're still considering spilling it on me. 'Cause if you are, then the answer is: yes, I would never kiss you again. I would just very conveniently and very accidentally-on-purpose jerk my head away."

Zack stood up, taking Cloud's wrist and gently pulling him up. The brunet deposited the gil on the table as he walked to the restaurant exit, slipping an arm around Cloud's shoulder once they were out through the door.

"Why're you against meeting Aeris anyway?" he asked. "D'you think I'll like you less once I'm around her?" Zack grinned. "Because if that's the case, I could always just lock you two together in a room."

(( I COULDN'T RESIST. XD <-- probably exactly the same thing I'll be saying in a few years' time, to the cops when I'm in prison. And I will never be able to eat stinky tofu. DX Never ever ever. We were talking about it in Chinese class. The teacher was saying that some of them aren't that pungent. I was telling her that I thought it smelt like a toilet. She lawled. D: ))
8th-Apr-2007 09:27 pm (UTC)
"Don't lock me up with her!" Cloud nudged the brunet with his shoulder for emphasis, then decided he liked the position and walked a bit closer to Zack. He thought the SOLDIER was probably joking, but it was a pretty frightening thought. One of us wouldn't come out alive, he guessed, imagining what he would do if he was stuck somewhere with Zack's girlfriend.

Any schemes that he was coming up with died in the planning stage because of the previous not-being-kissed threat. Though it seemed a little harsh to never kiss him again just for spilling a drink, Cloud didn't put it past the older boy to punish him that way.

He moved away a few inches, thinking he would probably look like a lovesick girl if he was being too clingy. "I'm against meeting her because..." He tried to come up with a suitable way to answer the question. Did he actually think Zack would like him less when in the presence of the flower girl? Yes, but it wasn't that simple, at least not in Cloud's mind.

"Because I think it's in your nature to be a good boyfriend to her, which would probably involve ignoring me to some extent. I don't think she'd want to see me hanging around with you." Had he known Aeris better, he probably wouldn't have worried about that in the least, but since he hadn't properly met her yet, he still imagined her as the esteemed girlfriend and himself as the third wheel. In fact, it was more that Cloud didn't want to see Aeris hanging around with Zack, not the other way around. "Thanks for the food, by the way."

((OOC: Ahaha. XD Well, maybe so. But that makes me want to try it even more. Maybe I'll get toilet!breath. XP And randomly, Zack keeps making me think of this comic. I've linked you to that before, right? XD))
8th-Apr-2007 11:32 pm (UTC)
"Aw, don't mention it," said Zack. He elbowed Cloud lightly. "You can pay me back by making bail if and when I wind up behind bars."

Zack neatly sidestepped to avoid being bowled over by a little boy on a bike. "Heh," he chuckled when he managed to get back to Cloud's said, "you really don't know Aeris. She wouldn't mind you hanging with me at all. She was the one who wanted me to bring you along, after all.

"And hey," Zack grinned, giving Cloud's head an indignant, light shove, "I won't be ignoring you! I mean, technically. Just..." he sobered down quickly, "think about it this way. You and I work and live together. When I'm not on missions, or training the other troopers, or... doing whatever else, I can spend pretty much all the remaining time with you. I see Aeris comparatively less. 'Course I'm gonna pay a bit more attention to her. I mean, who's the one who gets to go home with me at the end of the day, right?"

The brunet winked and planted a quick kiss on Cloud's cheek.

(( Aw, but how'm I meant to make like Zack and do the random peck attack things (LIKE SPEAROW) if you smell like a toilet? XP And yes, you were talking about it last night, I think! LOL. I'm not so sure that'd work on Aeris without her totally kicking Cloud's ass, but Cloud can try? ^_~ ))
9th-Apr-2007 12:09 am (UTC)
But that made the whole trip seem so pointless in Cloud's mind. He had agreed to come mostly so he could spend time with Zack, so if the brunet would be ignoring him in favor of Aeris, Cloud couldn't see a real reason for him to be going along. He had expected to be more of a tag-along than actual company, but hearing Zack say it made his heart sink marginally anyway. (And somehow, finishing it with a light kiss like that just made the younger boy want to jump him. Cloud gave himself a few mental kicks in the shins for thinking it.)

Cloud ran a hand through his pale hair and bit the side of his tongue. This visit is going to seem like an eternity, he thought. "So what am I supposed to do the whole time while you two are making out and whatever else? Sit and watch? Because I refuse to watch." No matter how attractive Aeris was, it would make Cloud's insides boil to see her doing anything with Zack.

"I should have brought a book or something," he added with a small shrug.

((OOC: LOL. I'd be like Ash with those Spearow: "Come aaaaand get meeeeee!" And no, she'd squish him. >.< And if she didn't kick his ass, I'm sure Zack would. D:))
9th-Apr-2007 12:14 am (UTC)
"You could watch and learn?" Zack suggested mischievously, and then ducked (out of habit). "Kidding. We're not gonna make out for that long. You could always join us." He paused. "In talking, I mean."

Zack arched an eyebrow and thumped Cloud on the back. "Unless f'course you wanna join us in making out, too," he joked. "I doubt Aeris would mind. Actually, I bet she'd like kissing you."

(( I bet you could outrun me, too. D: Oh well. I'll get 'chu, my prettyyyy, and your little dog Pikachu too. ))
9th-Apr-2007 12:33 am (UTC)
Cloud stumbled forward a bit when Zack hit his back. "I'd never kiss your girlfriend!" Immediately after yelling, he realized how harsh his tone was, especially considering that Zack was joking. (Or so he hoped. It might have been a serious suggestion, for all he knew.)

He felt slightly ashamed afterwards, reflecting on the fact that Zack had paid for lunch and was tolerating him thus far, but this sort of behavior had to wear on the brunet's nerves eventually.

"I don't want to kiss her. I want to kiss you." He shook his head. "Just don't blame me if I make an ass of myself," he warned, moving so Zack's arm brushed against his when he walked.

((OOC: Oh, trust me, you would NEVER get my Pikachu. I am so freaking protective over that thing. Worse than a rabid papa seahorse.))
9th-Apr-2007 11:56 am (UTC)
"Like I ever would," Zack snorted. He paused. "Well, I mean, unless you start getting nasty." The pads of the brunet's fingers ghosted over Cloud's knuckles. "Then you can't blame me if I get mad."

Zack sneakily interlaced their fingers again, holding Cloud's hand lightly and inconspicuously, shielding their hands mostly from view with his body. His arm swung gently to and fro, like an upside-down metronome, in time to his paces. "After all," he added mischievously, "she's a really good kisser. You're missing out by not wanting to kiss her. 'Course, though," he said with an air of exaggerated nonchalance, "I'm still the best."

With that, Zack strode out and pulled Cloud backward so that Zack stood in front of the blond, stopping Cloud in his tracks. "Anyway, if you so prefer kissing me," he said, "then why don't you do it now?" His grin held a hint of challenge. "Go on. I dare you to. And a peck doesn't count."

(( I could chuck a lightning stone thingie at it while you're not looking. When you're in the shower or something, maybe. >:x ))
9th-Apr-2007 08:26 pm (UTC)
Bad idea. Cloud waited for the red tinge in his cheeks to fade, staring absentmindedly at Zack as something flickered to life in his chest. He leaned in a bit---He dared me to do it, didn't he?---but pulled back without making contact. People could walk by at any time. He looked around and moved in again, but he shifted backwards a few inches at the last second, shaking his head irritably and hugging his arms to his chest.

"Well, if you're the best kisser, and I'm the worst, what do you want me to kiss you for, anyway?" He lightly stepped on Zack's toe and left his boot there, pressing down harmlessly in some kind of mocking gesture. He lifted his foot and gave Zack's boot a light kick, stalling for time.

But this was what Cloud had asked for, in a roundabout way. He didn't want to see Aeris so soon---actually, he didn't want to see her at all, but that wasn't an option---and Zack was letting Cloud kiss him. Asking him to. Daring him. There was really no reason not to, aside from random passersby. And if Zack told him again just how bad he was at kissing, the blond would simply turn around and walk away. (And get hopelessly lost in the city, but it was his intent that mattered.)

Cautiously resting his hands on Zack's shoulders, Cloud shyly shuffled forward to catch the older boy's lips with a small moan, acting on ambition rather than non-existent instincts. His hands slid closer together so that his fingers could interweave behind Zack's neck, providing an easier way to keep the SOLDIER's lips captured. Cloud moved his mouth slowly, warm and damp, over Zack's, occasionally slipping his tongue out to lap at the brunet's bottom lip but not taking the initiative to trespass inside his mouth.

((OOC: ...You could, but then it would just evolve, and why would that be a problem? o.O))
10th-Apr-2007 03:56 am (UTC)
That's better, Zack thought triumphantly. Trying to defend Aeris without totally hurting Cloud's feelings had been starting to make Zack's head feel like someone was taking to it with a sledgehammer. Zack couldn't accurately say exactly how good he was in kissing (his previous statement had been 70% braggadocio and 30% perceived truth), but at least kissing was something on more familiar (and somewhat less hostile) ground.

Zack's arms snaked around Cloud's waist, pulling the blond closer. He angled his head slightly against Cloud's, allowing greater exposure, and parted his lips, nipping (without use of his teeth) at the tip of Cloud's tongue. He broke the kiss for a small inhalation of breath, then pressed his mouth back to Cloud's, nibbling gently on Cloud's lower lip.

Briefly wondering how much of Cloud's attention was being drawn to their kiss, Zack grinned to himself and then innocently ghosted one of his hands down Cloud's lower back to lightly cup the blond's ass.

(( Because then it'd be a Raichu and I could steal it and run away while you're still looking for your Pikachu? :D

... ;__; Randomly, Charizard made me so sad. Charmander's story was such a sad one. And I was so happy that he got Ash. And then Ash didn't stop him from evolving and he went totally nuts. And then he got his head stuck in some igloo thing in the Pokemon vacation thingie and it was so embarrassing and it made me even more upset. ;__; ))
10th-Apr-2007 04:33 am (UTC)
Cloud was actually giving his full attention to the kiss, but feeling Zack's hand on his ass surprised him just the same. He yelped into the older boy's mouth, and his first instinct was to shove Zack away and punch him, but those were actions the blond would reserve for stalkers, perverts, creepy neighbors, and Reno.

Instead, he arched up against the brunet, bringing himself to press flush against Zack from chest to knees, and he took a heavy breath before kissing the SOLDIER more heatedly. He didn't hold back from pillaging his friend's mouth with his tongue this time around, feeling a bit less timid after the random ass-touching.

I wonder how often he does that to Aeris. The thought caused him to growl low in his throat, and his hands moved from behind Zack's neck to tangle themselves in the brunet's hair as he pulled their mouths together more forcefully. He vaguely wondered how long it would take before he accidentally broke someone's teeth that way.

((OOC: Yeah, I remember you saying that the head-stuck thing made you sad. D: I was mainly sad about Charmander. And about him going nuts. (lmao. He's like Sephiroth.) He was such a nice Pokemon. ;-;))
10th-Apr-2007 06:29 am (UTC)
"Mmmm." Zack softly moaned his approval, keeping the hand on Cloud's ass where it was, but moving his other hand up so that it crossed over Cloud's back, the tips of his fingers resting lightly on Cloud's shoulder. His tongue flicked exploratively into Cloud's mouth, but Zack for the most part allowed Cloud to take the lead, curious (and secretly feeling an almost dork-like excitement) to see how far the usually-reserved blond was willing to take it. The brunet gently, encouragingly worked his mouth against Cloud's. The look of desire on Zack's face when he broke the kiss again for a short breath wasn't entirely put-on.

He ducked his head in for another kiss, still playing the submissively encouraging role with his mouth, but rocking his hips against Cloud's, lightly enough for it to be suggestive, but not completely obscene.

(( He waaas! And they fed us a whole sad backstory that got trashed when Charmander evolved. Randomly, I still remember the Butterfree (that was its name, right?) story making me cry so much, lawl.

I wonder if anyone's reading this thread and wondering why the hell we're discussing Pokemon when our characters are macking out in the middle of the street. >.>; ))
10th-Apr-2007 08:54 pm (UTC)
Thankful for the encouragement, Cloud nonetheless groaned with slight frustration into the kiss. He was looking at this partially as a learning experience, taking Zack's hints as he experimented with kissing the SOLDIER, but this was a very bad time to suddenly want to get in Zack's pants. He mentally cursed himself for how much the whole thing was blowing his mind.

He rolled his hips rhythmically forward into Zack's and then backwards, pushing his ass against the brunet's hand. With less experience, his rocking was significantly less light and controlled than Zack's had been, and he slowly moved to a stop, panting slightly as he broke off the kiss. He rested his forehead on Zack's shoulder after glancing past the older boy at the scenery and hoping he wouldn't find anyone staring back.

"Busy...city," he remarked, catching his breath for a moment. A second later, his lips were already plastered to Zack's again as he forced his tongue into the brunet's mouth. He decided that they had probably been seen already, and there wasn't much he could do about that now anyway.

((OOC: Butterfree made me cry every time. ;-; So did Pikachu, when Ash was supposedly leaving it there.

I was wondering about that too. >.> But if they don't already know we're nuts...that's not our problem, right? XD Randomly, Megan told me she wishes Tifa was allowed to visit Cloud, because she'd snap pictures from the side of the road and hand them off to Aeris for money. -_-;;))
11th-Apr-2007 02:21 am (UTC)
Sucking a little on Cloud's tongue, Zack returned the kiss with an equal passion, nibbling on Cloud's lower lip then moving to trail a line of kisses along Cloud's jaw and as far down Cloud's neck as the blond's collar would allow, lightly squeezing Cloud's ass as he did so.

It was kind of a pity, then, that Zack was aware that the two couldn't just stand in the middle of Midgar making-out all day. After all, they did have someplace to go-- and as much as Zack was enjoying Cloud's kiss, he figured that it'd be kind of unfair (for now) to let it go any further, especially since Zack was supposed to be taking (slash dragging) Cloud over to meet his girlfriend.

With a reluctant sigh, Zack backed off, but not before placing one last kiss on Cloud's lips. "Okay," he said, his voice a little bit breathy, "not the worst kisser in the world." He laughed and swatted Cloud's ass. "C'mon, Casanova, we'd better get moving."

Zack put his arm back around Cloud's shoulder as he began to walk. The brunet could make out the roof of the church over a few other buildings. "Y'know," he grinned, leaning over and playfully nipping the shell of Cloud's ear, "I was half-certain that you wouldn't take me up on that dare."

(( DAPFFT. Re-post because I forgot to add OOC notes. =__= Is Tifa not allowed to visit Cloud? Maybe she can just... not meet him? Or she can see Zack kissing some dude in a helmet and she'd be like "OH THAT CHEATING ASSHOLE" and like, take pictures and show them to Aeris, and Aeris would be like "ROFLOL OH TIFA I THINK THAT'S CLOUD. Lemme buy those off you." Or something. >.>

I miss talking to you on AIM, dude. :x Any idea how much longer your messenger ban's gonna last? And how was the Calc MC? ))
11th-Apr-2007 11:21 pm (UTC)
"I wasn't going to." Cloud folded his arms, leaning into Zack as they walked despite the put-off gesture. "It's not my fault that I can't resist you when you grin and dare me like that." He kicked the heel of Zack's boot whenever the foot closest to him took a step.

Thank the gods, though, that Zack had decided to continue on their way to see Aeris. As reluctant to meet the flower girl as Cloud still was, they were still in the middle of Midgar. And although Cloud considered himself to be a very conservative person, he didn't trust his self-control so much recently. He knew he'd be cringing later when reflecting on how shameless his actions had been, and he hoped Zack wouldn't take it upon himself to tell stories to Tifa.

"Next time you dare me to do something like that, make sure we're not in the middle of the street, on our way to see your girlfriend." He noted the bitterness in his voice towards the end of the sentence, but he placated himself by mulling over the thought that Zack probably hadn't made-out with Aeris in quite some time. If Cloud was the type to brag often or if he was just a hell of a lot more outgoing, he would probably have decided to tell Aeris all about it. (Though she'd probably be thrilled.)

Keeping his arms locked in their crossed position, Cloud gave Zack's side a light poke with his finger. "If and when you decide to kiss your girlfriend or do obscene things to her, warn me first so I can look away and plug my ears, all right?"

((OOC: That could work. XD She's just not allowed to see him in person, since she's not supposed to see him until the Nibelheim incident. >.> Or, depending on which version you go with, she doesn't see him until he turns up in Midgar.

My mom says I can have it back this weekend. ^^ And the Calc thing was...interesting. I had to be sneaky and stuff to get it all done, but now at least I'm finished. ._.))
12th-Apr-2007 02:12 am (UTC)
"Hmm." Zack looked thoughtful at that. "Okay. But only if you promise me not to take that as a signal to charge at us with a chainsaw or something." He cocked his head. "Or, more realistically-speaking, not to pout and get sulky about it." The brunet returned his friend's poke. "I like you too. Alright? You know that, so don't doubt it."

He dearly hoped that Aeris and Cloud would get along, and that the blond wouldn't actually look away and plug his ears. Not that Zack was planning to make-out with his girlfriend for the entire duration of their stay (that would've been nice, but Zack sadly lacked the lung capacity to do that, not to mention the fact that his jaws would hurt terribly as a result), but he did hope to at least get one kiss from the flower girl. He didn't see her as often as he'd like, after all. If Cloud really did look away and plug his ears, though, it would just be awkward, not to mention rude, since Aeris was (probably) completely fine with the two men doing whatever they liked in front of her. Approaching the church, Zack felt a small, uncharacteristic twinge of nervousness, and crossed his fingers in his pocket, hoping that things would go well.

The brunet walked up to the church, pausing at the doors. "Remember that you promised me you'd give her a chance," Zack said, and then gave Cloud a quick peck on the lips before pushing the large double-doors open.

"Ae-eris?" he called in singsong. "Are you in? There's a man at the door looking for a hug, here!"

Zack paused, glanced at Cloud (who was still standing out of view, outside the church), and then amended his statement. "Or, two men, depending on whether you feel like hugging Cloud or not. But I call dibs."

(( Sorry for the tiny god-mod; I wasn't sure if you wanted Cloud putting his helmet on first before Zack dragged him into the church. XD Geesh, Cloud is such a sneaky dude around teh wimminz.

Sneaky? For a multiple-choice? o.0 Ookie. Tell me about it this weekend? XD *glomps you and your mom* ))
12th-Apr-2007 03:45 am (UTC)
In all honesty, Aeris had sensed Zack coming from a small distance away. She was a very intuitive person, but moreover, he wasn't exactly making his presence a secret. Laughing as she stood up from a bench she had been resting on, she walked slowly over to him as if she hadn't been waiting for so long to see him.

"I don't know, love. Maybe I should hug Cloud first." She winked as she approached him and added, "Give him something to think about while I keep you all to myself."

She thought twice about this as another person joined them, donning a silly-looking helmet. Had she not already had a certain feeling about this person, Aeris probably would have felt the need to run for her life from a possible threat. But she knew immediately that it was Cloud.

She managed to contain her giggles after only a short laugh, finding his appearance very humorous. He must have shoved the helmet on in a hurry; a small tuft of blond hair was sticking out in the back where it looked like he tried to hold his hair together while he pulled the helmet down.

"Oh, come on, please?" She vaguely gestured at his head while facing Zack, speaking to the SOLDIER as if Cloud was some inanimate object. "I wanted to see how cute he is in person. Let me see his face," she said in the sort of tone a passerby would use when curiously approaching another person's pet dog.

Rather than fully neglecting her boyfriend, though, she decided there was a time and place for everything, and she didn't give Zack any warning before hurling herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. She moved to stand in front of him and prodded him in the stomach, noticing how her fingertip could push in farther. "You ate before you came," she observed. "Which is good; I don't have anything here worth eating."

(( OOC: I got permission to god-mod there. Honest. :D ))
12th-Apr-2007 05:18 am (UTC)
Zack put on a show of mock indignance. "Hey, are you calling me fat?" he said. "I'll have you know, it's all muscle. Hard and studly muscle." The brunet paused. "Unless you're saying my breath stinks. Which it doesn't. I can prove it."

Happiness at seeing Aeris again curled Zack's mouth into a wide smile. He stepped forward and gave her a huge bear hug, wrapping his arms around her lower back and actually lifting her a few centimeters off the floor. "Oh gods, I missed you!" he exclaimed gleefully, and kissed the girl on her cheek. Setting her back down again, he asked enthusiastically: "How've you been? No, wait, don't answer that just yet. I haven't properly introduced you to Cloud yet."

Zack walked, with the excitement of a happy puppy, over to Cloud, grabbing the blond's hand and tugging him over. "Aeris, Cloud. Cloud, Aeris." Zack leaned over to Aeris to talk to her, but kept his eyes on Cloud, still smiling. "He is very cute, but I don't know if I'd be able to get him to take his helmet off without him getting pissed at me." He then addressed Cloud. "Why are you wearing that helmet, anyway?"

(( "Aside from trying to stick to canon?" Zack added. ))
13th-Apr-2007 03:38 am (UTC)
Cloud was beginning to hate this trip already. He had promised (or been manipulated) to at least give Aeris a chance, but this wasn't the greatest first (in-person) impression. The flower girl was talking about him like he was some kind of tumor attached to Zack, aside from calling him cute. And now Zack was going right along with it, also speaking to Aeris as if the blond had been some kind of pet or as if he just hadn't been there at all. He had half-expected Zack to ignore him here, despite the brunet's reassurance to the contrary, but this was different. They're just talking. Maybe it's the way they act together, he tried to convince himself.

"I have to wear it, because I sure as hell don't want to be seen by someone else in ShinRa while I'm around you two." He said it jokingly, though his tone faltered to a more bitter one at some points. He knew the reason he gave them made no sense, and it was more of a security issue for him anyway, but he wasn't going to tell either of them that he was wearing a helmet to feel less insecure.

Also, he wished they would stop calling him 'cute', not only because it was degrading, but also because when they both agreed on it, it sounded like he was just some outsider they were observing. He felt a small wave of animosity towards Aeris lapping at a twist in his stomach, and he tried to block out the replaying image in his mind of how elated Zack had been to see Aeris again. Hugging her, lifting and kissing her, and generally seeming so ecstatic just to be here. Is he ever that happy when he sees me? Am I around too much? He grew a bit irritated with himself for making all of this seem like a plot to make him jealous. It wasn't as if Zack or Aeris had gone out of their way to make his insides squirm with unease and envy.

"Hello," he said blankly, finally addressing Aeris without a hint of the friendliness and warmth he had felt minutes before they had arrived. He dipped his head around an inch to nod to the flower girl, keeping his actions towards her to a minimum. "I've heard a lot about you."

He restrained himself from making up some absurd lie about Zack telling him horrible things about her. Even if she believed it, that would only make Zack hate him. "Good things, I swear," he added with a small, fake smile. "Zack really holds you in high regard, huh."

((OOC: "STFU, my helmet is the latest in ShinRa fashion," Cloud replied.))
14th-Apr-2007 03:35 am (UTC)
"I hope they were good things. I certainly haven't given him any reason to tell you bad things," the flower girl said with a wink. "But hush, sweetie, you're going to give me an ego." She smiled happily at his last comment, holding a finger up to her nose as a joking sign to be quiet.

Seemingly oblivious to Cloud's irritation, Aeris shifted her attention back to her boyfriend, clasping her hands together and hopping once in place as she took in the sight of him. She had been expecting a visit from him for so long now; it was good to finally see him here in the church. Maybe Mother will let him come back to the house if she sees that he brought a friend, she pondered, debating whether or not her foster mother would openly oppose Zack's company if Cloud was a witness to it.

"Will he have dinner with us if I can get something from home?" She asked, again speaking to Zack as if he was an expert on Cloud's behavior, rather than directly addressing the blond himself. "I've been expecting you for a while. I'd normally ask you to leave before you turn into a wild boar and eat up anything I cook, but I've missed you too much. You'll have to eat with me, and I'd like it if Cloud would stay, too."

With a small, friendly wave at Cloud, she reached out a hand to stroke Zack's shoulder and upper arm, letting it trail off towards his elbow. "Will he have dinner with us if I cook something nice for you two gentlemen? Or did he eat too much before you got here?"

(( OOC: "Yes, but you can't tongue-rape my boyfriend while you're wearing that," Aeris observed. ))
14th-Apr-2007 03:51 am (UTC)
"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Cloud crossed his arms and nearly scowled at the girl, even more put-off by her blatant disregard for how she was treating him. "He can speak for himself, and he can hear you talking about him like he isn't here," he added, speaking in the third-person to spite her.

Before this, he had every intention of trying to get along with her for Zack's sake. Even if he didn't talk to her much at all, he was going to mind his manners and play nice. But this was too much. She wouldn't even ask him anything; she asked Zack as if the other boy owned him, and his frustration increased more at that than at the mention of staying with her for dinner.

"So assuming I'm the 'he' you're referring to? No, I'd rather not stay any longer than I have to. Maybe I ate too much. Whatever. Sorry to turn down your offer." He looked to Zack for support in this, but he knew he probably wouldn't get any; Zack would take his girlfriend's side. Maybe she was mentally ill and didn't know better than to act this way. But it was irritating and upsetting, and Cloud couldn't help feeling like he was just here for show-and-tell. "Zack can stay and have dinner with you. I'll find my way back."

He waved casually and turned to walk out, stopping in the large doorway of the church and looking back for a moment. "Does Zack know which direction I should head in?" He asked, mimicking the indirect questions that Aeris had been asking. "I'd rather not get lost. Can he tell me which way I should head out?" Zack was bound to be upset with him over this, but Cloud didn't think he'd be able to stay here for very long without giving into the urge to punch out the flower girl, and he really didn't want to find out the consequences of something like that.

((OOC: WTF, Ari. XD And wuh, Aeris reminds me vaguely of younger!Azalie. >.>;; Are you doing that on purpose? >:\ *grabs Krylancelo away from you*))
14th-Apr-2007 08:26 am (UTC)
Zack looked from Cloud to Aeris and then back to Cloud. He took in a deep breath and sighed, then stalked over to Cloud. With the look of a frazzled housewife on his face, Zack lightly smacked the back of Cloud's head, grabbed his hand, and dragged the blond back to Aeris, whereupon he promptly proceeded to punch her (with barely any force behind it) on the arm.

"You," he said sternly to Cloud, "stop being an ass.

"And you," he said equally as sternly to Aeris, "I know you're not trying to be mean, but... try be a little nicer, okay? Ask him stuff. Don't ask me."

Zack turned to Cloud again, still firmly holding the blond's hand. "Stay. Please."

Zack then turned back to Aeris. "And I'd love to have dinner with you guys."

The brunet looked to the ceiling and sighed again. "Look. Now you guys are making me do the kicked puppy face. No one likes to see me do the kicked puppy face. It makes me look mentally-challenged." He glanced at both of them. "No comments on that, please."
14th-Apr-2007 09:07 am (UTC)
Cloud almost laughed at the remark, but the sound stopped halfway up his throat when he ran through Zack's other words. "I don't want to have dinner here." He pulled his arm back lightly in a halfhearted (and unsuccessful) attempt to free his hand from Zack's hold on it. He wasn't persuaded at all after what Zack said; if anything, he was even more frustrated.

He admitted to himself that he had been glad when Zack stopped him from leaving, but then the brunet had basically called him an ass before speaking much more kindly to Aeris. That's because she's a girl, he guessed. But Zack also asked him to stay, and he did say 'please'...

"I'd rather eat outside Midgar, if it's all the same to you two." There was no way he'd be able to sit through a meal with the flower girl without using her as a dartboard for his eating utensils. And somehow, he got the feeling that Zack wouldn't be very happy if Aeris had forks and knives sticking out of her at strange angles. He quickly realized that the urge to try something stupid and impulsive wasn't just in his imagination, and he pried his hand away from Zack's so he could hurry outside, waving to them both and offering them each a small smile before he left.

Once outside, he leaned against the wall beside the doorway, slipping his helmet off and placing it on the ground, shaking his head a bit to set his hair back in place. He straightened his posture and peeked in at Zack and Aeris, calling, "You two eat in there; I'll...stand guard or something out here." He stood against the wall again and added a bit less loudly, "I won't peek, either. I'll just wait."
15th-Apr-2007 12:46 pm (UTC)
Zack repressed the urge to sigh again. He looked at the open door and scratched his head a bit.

"Y'know," he remarked to Aeris, "I'm seriously half-tempted to just leave him out there." He shook his head and kissed his girlfriend apologetically on the cheek. "Sorry. He's nice, really. He's just kinda sensitive. And being difficult." Zack said the last bit loudly enough to be heard by anyone standing outside the church and listening intently in. The brunet looked a little upset. "Maybe this really was a bad idea," he muttered. He felt guilty as, although he had insisted that Cloud meet Aeris and had practically dragged the blond to meet her, he knew that, if Cloud were to make him make a decision right now, Zack would definitely choose to stay with Aeris. It wasn't a case of loving her more as much as it was a case of not being able to see the flower girl as often, but Zack doubted that Cloud would see things from his point of view without getting pissed off.

"Sorry," he said again, before walking away from Aeris to the spiky-haired blond.

Zack hadn't quite managed to fully mask the expression on his face when he made his way up to Cloud, folding his arms across his chest. He just silently looked at Cloud for a while, thinking of what to say.

"Are you seriously planning to just stand out here?" he finally said. Not giving Cloud a chance to respond, he continued with: "And do you honestly consider that just then as 'giving her a chance'? Because that had to be the most feeble attempt at chance-giving that I've ever seen."

Zack exhaled slowly. Be nice, Zack, be nice. "Okay. I'm not here to bitch at you. I'm just wondering why you're so averse to even giving her a try for longer than five minutes. I wasn't just saying things when I said before that I think you'd like her. And I know you're amazing to be around too-- I wouldn't love you if you weren't." He unfolded his arms and hooked his thumbs on his pockets instead. "And you know I love you. So I don't see why you're being so avoidant."

(( "Get back inside," Zack said, "or I'll smack you unconscious and steal your trousers and your wallet. Then you'll have to stay." ))
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