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"Drop and gimme sixty-nine!" -- Logs
Characters:Miranda  shurikenmaster and Cloud… 
8th-Apr-2007 08:37 pm
Characters:Miranda shurikenmaster and Cloud cutoffmystrings
Where: Miranda's apartment.
Rating:G/PG, I don't think it'd be right of me to scar Cloud too much.
Summary: Miranda offered to help Cloud study for his SOLDIER tests. He takes her up on it.

She had spent all day working on this. Her only day off was spent going through the review books the Academy let her keep. Thankfully, Reeve let her use the printers on floor 65 so she could get this done. She made some snacks in case his mind wandered because he was hungry. She hoped it wouldn't get weird, like that last person she offered to help. She hadn't taught since then, and wasn't sure how well she'd do teacihing.

The doorbell rang. Taking a deep breath, she turned on her heel and opened the door.
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