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Characters: Reno, Cloud, two random troopers, and whoever happens to… 
20th-Feb-2007 05:22 pm
Characters: Reno, Cloud, two random troopers, and whoever happens to find them.
Setting: Great Glacier, just south of Gaea's Cliff.
Rating: That depends on the characters. Can't say if it's worksafe or not yet, so...be wary?
Status: Incomplete.
Notes: Reno and Cloud are the ones trapped at the glacier, along with the random troopers. Whoever signs up for the mission to rescue them will be involved here as well, but if your character feels like joining in anyway, all you need is a good reason. Basically, anyone can join if it makes sense.

The Great Glacier is only a beautiful place from above or far away, unless you're safely bundled up in coats, scarves, gloves, and foot-warmers. Unfortunately for the four people currently trapped there, foot-warmers aren't sold around Gaea's Cliff. These four people -- Reno of the Turks, along with three ShinRa troopers (one of which is Cloud Strife) -- have been left behind after their previous mission, and due to a large-scale attack by some local monsters, they have been forced back into a small crevasse/cave in the glacier, which serves as shelter for now.

Two troopers are huddled against the wall; one is slowly losing consciousness due to the cold, lack of food, and a wound obtained during their retreat; the other is attempting to keep him awake by talking to him and pinching him occasionally. They have been out here for only two days, but already the frigid climate is taking its toll, and hopes of being rescued are rising and falling with each passing thought.
21st-Feb-2007 04:04 am (UTC)
By no means was Cloud going to let the cold temperature beat him. He had been raised in Nibelheim, near the mountains, and he had dealt with plenty of freezing weather before. Snow, sleet, hail---he could take this. He'd show that cold air who was the superior...thing. This was nothing; he wasn't cold in the least.

Cloud shivered, clenching his teeth to keep them from chattering. He didn't speak---that would require him to let his teeth start going again, and he wasn't about to let anyone (much less a Turk) see that he was cold. He was going to be a SOLDIER one day, and nothing was going to prevent that, particularly not a little bad weather.

Still, the situation wasn't favorable, and he allowed himself to be a bit worried. What if they were never found? One of the other troopers looked like he was fading fast, and Cloud tried not to sympathize with, look at, or listen to him. If only we could make a fire. There were no sticks; in fact, there was nothing but ice.

Tuning out the words and other noises from his fellow cadets, Cloud looked over at Reno. The redhead wouldn't have been first on Cloud's list of people to be stranded in an icy cave with, but at least there was a familiar face. Besides, if Cloud turned his head and looked out of the corner of his eye when it was dark and Reno wasn't facing him, he could pretend that Reno was Zack, based on a small portion of his hair. (And, well, that might've been desperate, but it was something.) Cloud barely knew the other two troopers; in fact, he wasn't even sure of their names. He had already decided to leave them alone, so he crab-walked backwards, shuffling along the icy floor on his hands, feet, and backside, until he came to sit next to Reno.

"Think anyone's coming to get us?" He asked, immediately regretting it when his teeth began chattering and his body gave an involuntary shudder.
21st-Feb-2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
Reno, however, was an entirely different story.

This particular Turk was not a modest man. He shamelessly flirted and had an ego to put President ShinRa to shame. He was proud of his seduction skills (or obvious lack thereof), fighting skills, hell, all his skills. He didn't like to show weakness under any circumstances, lest anyone notice that he had his flaws and was a mere mortal, too.

But pride be damned. Reno was friggin' cold, and he wasn't going to bother trying to hide that fact. At this point in time, the redhead was busy pummeling the frigid, cold ground with his fists and cursing under his breath.

"Stupid ShinRa...stupid missions...stupid fucking snow..." He grumbled, glaring at nothing in particular. This was far from a dream vacation, and he was getting bored. Not to mention he couldn't feel his fingers or toes.

Cloud's unsteady voice brought him back to reality, and his head snapped up. He feigned a casual grin and leaned back slightly, angling his head towards the ceiling and trying to ignore the burning ache in his knuckles. Oh well. Pain was better than numbness.

"Oh, sure. They're probably trying to find us, but they don't know where we are. Hell, I don't know where we are." He drawled. Afraid that his pessimism would kill the only conversation he'd had for days, he sighed, resting on his elbows.

"So...what's your view on cannibalism?"
21st-Feb-2007 11:57 pm (UTC)
"Come again?" Cloud tilted his head to the side, unsure if he had heard that correctly. Cannibalism? He wants to know if I mind eating people? His cerulean eyes flickered over to the other two troopers, then back to Reno. "You're not going to eat them, are you?" He raised an eyebrow.

Aside from the few weapons they had brought with them, there wasn't much to use to kill and eat a person. Besides, there was no fire. Then again, their weapons would be more than enough to hack someone to pieces. Great, now he's got me actually considering the possibilities.

"It's not that cold," he said, trying to make excuses and subject-changes. He had taken notice of Reno's minor tantrum pertaining to the snow, and it wasn't all that comforting. "When we're found, you can go spend a few hours in a hot spring or something." He shook his head slowly.

He figured that Turks could do that sort of thing---while Cloud went back to Junon to train some more and possibly be reprimanded, Reno's position assured him a restful 'welcome home'. The blond wasn't sure if that was how things really worked, but it seemed logical to him.

Then a thought struck him, though it had nothing to do with the subject he had just been thinking on, and he quickly scanned the small cave for any sharp stones. "You're not going to eat me, are you?" He asked, mirroring his earlier question. He glanced up at Reno, his eyes skeptical with just a tinge of fear (for all he knew, the man could actually be insane), and he shuffled a few inches away. "The cold must have gotten to you already," he added half-mockingly.
24th-Feb-2007 08:45 am (UTC)
"Heh. Of course I'm not gonna eat you, or them. That's just gross." Reno shrugged off Cloud's skepticism nonchalantly and blew a loose strand of long, red hair out of his face. "And trust me, being a Turk isn't that great. Most of the time it's just a bunch of waiting around for a job. Nothing too exciting, and there aren't that many perks."

The blond had scooted further away, and Reno pouted unhappily. There goes that heat source. Shivering, the redheaded man glared over at Cloud and scooted towards the rookie.

"Come back. I bet you're warm." The Turk whined, mustering the energy to fold up his frozen limbs and spring to the right, flopping on top of the blond. He crossed his goosebump-infected arms across his chest, teeth chattering slightly.

Yes. Reno didn't like the cold. In fact, he utterly and completely abhorred it. Having been born and raised in Costa del Sol, he could handle extreme heat. But the cold utterly killed him.

Burrowing into Cloud's chest in an attempt to get closer to the warmth, Reno sighed.

"It's cold." The Turk whimpered.
24th-Feb-2007 06:49 pm (UTC)
That was something Cloud really should have seen coming. "Reno---" The blond had given a small, surprised yelp upon being flopped on, but now he tried to keep quiet. Better not to say anything. Remaining silent was a significantly less effective idea, however, since his eyes had gone as wide as President ShinRa's beloved materia, and he probably looked like some kind of stunned animal.

"Don't touch me," he muttered, but it was more out of surprise than malice. He made another soft noise, grunting this time, when Reno moved against him more. "Get off!" He said a bit more loudly, but rather than sounding angry, he simply came off as being annoyed.

Part of Cloud took pity on the shivering redhead, but that didn't mean he was going to let Reno...cuddle with him. Still, he couldn't just let the man freeze. It would have been selfish for him to ignore the needs of others simply because he wasn't freezing to death.

He patted Reno's head awkwardly, unsure of what to do. After all, Cloud was still wearing his ShinRa uniform, with the addition of a few extra snow-dusted layers of clothing. That couldn't have been very warm.

"I'm not warm," he said, addressing Reno's earlier statement. He flicked a bit of snow off his uniform for emphasis and cursed internally as his teeth began chattering again. He gave a shaky sigh of exasperation and shivered, looking at the opposite wall and trying to ignore Reno. He rolled his eyes, then rubbed at them to get the snowflakes off his eyelashes. "Fine. Just don't eat me."
25th-Feb-2007 05:37 am (UTC)
"No. 'M not getting off." The redhead mumbled, the sound muffled by the dark fabric of Cloud's uniform. Hey, he was starting to get feeling back in the tip of his nose! That was a good thing, at least. Reno wiggled slightly, happy that his precious nose wasn't going to turn blue and fall off. In his opinion, he had a very cute nose, thanks so much, and he didn't want to lose it in a freak snowstorm.

"Yeah, you are warm. You're a lot warmer than the ground, anyways." The Turk prodded Cloud in the stomach, pouting. The blond wasn't very good at making conversation, and Reno was bored out of his mind. If he was going to die out here, he wanted to die amused. Not about to poke his eye out with his own weapon out of sheer boredom.

"Say something interesting." Reno muttered, glaring at the uniform smushed against his face. He could see all the stitches and...was there a rip in his Cloud's shirt? Apparently there was.
25th-Feb-2007 02:45 pm (UTC)
"Get off. You're cold." A second later, Cloud remembered that he was supposed to say something interesting. Stating the obvious didn't count. "And move your face!" Cloud was extremely uncomfortable from the cold and lack of nourishment already, and Reno was making matters worse.

With a couple more chills running marathons up and down his spine, Cloud wondered if working for ShinRa had somehow knocked the mountain boy right out of him. Junon wasn't nearly as cold as Nibelheim, and neither was Midgar. Had he been away from home that long?

"I don't have anything interesting to say to you. Shut up and wait for someone to come get us." Assuming someone does. The blond realized belatedly that he could be severely reprimanded for mouthing off to a Turk, being so inferior in comparison to Reno's rank. He panicked for a moment, thinking that the redhead could not only get him in trouble---he could get Cloud kicked out of the SOLDIER training program and sent back home in disgrace. Cloud winced and hoped his rudeness went unnoticed, but he didn't try to redress it by saying anything to promote a conversation. "You can be bored, for all I care," he muttered under his breath.
27th-Feb-2007 09:43 pm (UTC)
"I'm cold, and you're an ass." Reno propped his chin on the blond's chest and pouted sullenly up at him, childishly sticking out his tongue. "Jeez. I'm freezing too, but you don't see me actin' all huffy."

When he was sure that icicles were beginning to form on his tongue, however, he retracted the muscle into his mouth, poking it with one finger.

"'Ey...'Loud? I han't 'eel my hung." Reno mumbled, eyes shooting open once he'd heard himself. "'at's weir..." He poked at his tongue again and found, with surprise, that he could neither feel the poke nor taste anything.

Was it even possible to freeze your tongue? Reno had never even pondered this before, but now he knew it was very possible. Vaguely disturbed, he considered his options.

'What if I never taste anything again? That would suck...' The redhead thought idly to himself, clear blue eyes flickering up to the ceiling before training on the blond once more.
27th-Feb-2007 10:01 pm (UTC)
That was something that Cloud just found to be hilarious. Had he not been agitated and cold, he might have laughed pretty hard at Reno's situation. For now, he managed an amused scoff and a smirk. He was probably in enough trouble already; he didn't have to make it worse by cracking up and mocking the Turk.

The only problem would be if Reno decided to complain about it. Cloud was having a difficult time dealing with the redhead without any extra reasons to be annoyed, so he might as well offer some help.

But there weren't many ways Cloud could help the Turk. Not unless he found some hot food around the place somewhere or started a fire (with the sticks that they didn't have) and shoved the redhead's face in it.

"Um...all right...so what do you want me to do about it?" None of the possibilities seemed rational in their predicament, and Cloud certainly wasn't going to run around the glacier looking for a cup of hot chocolate. "I'm not going to touch your tongue, so warm it up by yourself. And be thankful that it's not stuck to a pole or something."
28th-Feb-2007 12:06 am (UTC)
But Reno wasn't around to hear Cloud being unhelpful. He had finally crawled off of the poor kid and was walking over to where his weapon lay on the ground, glinting eerily in the bright light reflected by the snow. The Turk reached down and picked the metal rod up, twirling it around in his fingers fondly, much like a baton player, before palming the weapon and staring down at it.

An idiotic idea was going through his head right now. Then again, most of Reno's ideas were idiotic, but this one took the cake. Hey, if he couldn't feel his tongue...

Switching it onto the lowest setting and hearing the quiet hum he was so accustomed to, the redhead extended his numb tongue. He was inches away from his goal, but he froze up nervously at the last minute.

'This might not be such a good idea...' An oddly Rude-sounding voice chided in his head, but he wasn't going to pay it any mind. Like he had decided earlier, Reno was going to die amused.

Lifting up the tip of the metal rod, the Turk leaned forward and stuck his frigid tongue to the weapon. He felt his entire body vibrating, but no pain signals screeched in his brain, so, with a grin, he pulled back.

"Lessee..." He muttered under his breath, fiddling with the switch again. Sliding it to the medium setting, Reno repeated the earlier process and found that he felt a slight tingle, and nothing more.

Now, he was just being reckless and stupid. The switch had been pushed to the ominous red area bearing the warning "MAXIMUM POWER", but Reno was too caught up in entertaining himself to worry about the permanent damage he was most likely doing to himself. Tentatively, he extended his tongue one last time, touching it to the crackling tip of his weapon. A bolt of pain shot through his brain, and with a yelp, he crashed back against the wall, dropping his weapon in the process.

((OOC: Lol. Reno, you dumbass. XDDDD))
28th-Feb-2007 01:11 am (UTC)
"What in the name of---Reno! Hey!" As much as Cloud was annoyed with Reno, he didn't actually want the Turk to die. Then he'd be alone with two troopers he barely knew, and they sure weren't good company. (Neither was Reno, but he was decent, and at least Cloud wasn't bored out of his skull.)

With a resigned sigh, Cloud stood up and rushed over to where the redhead had hit the wall, reaching him in a few steps. He grabbed Reno's shoulders, shaking him and glancing down at the weapon on the ground. He released Reno for a moment and picked up the object, studying it before shoving it in one of his large pockets for safekeeping. I might need to electrocute him later, he thought with dry amusement.

"Did you fry your brain, you idiot?" Cloud took hold of the Turk's shoulders and shook him more vigorously, eyes wide with anxiety, hoping that wasn't the case. A braindead Reno could be worse than a perverted or just generally obnoxious Reno.

Well, actually, maybe it wouldn't be worse. But Cloud knew from experience that he was generally blamed for other people's injuries (an unpleasant feeling settled in his stomach as he thought of what had happened to Tifa), and he wasn't too keen on being kicked out of ShinRa for a stupid thing like this.

Becoming increasingly nervous at the thought, Cloud wondered if he should try zapping Reno again. Maybe that would somehow work. He prodded the man in the chest a few times. "Don't die, okay?" He shouted, speaking directly into Reno's ear. "I'll get blamed for it. Or hey, if you have to die, make it look like suicide, and we can use your clothes for extra warmth without getting in trouble."
1st-Mar-2007 11:36 pm (UTC)
A few stars flashed behind Reno's eyes, and one star in particular, wearing a top hat and carrying a cane, came up and spoke to him directly. The star twirled it's mustache with a sort of superior grin in his face.

"Why hello, Reno. Would you like to play with us?" The star beckoned to him with one pointy...arm...thing, but Reno shifted to the side and groaned, struggling to ignore the annoyance in his foggy mind.

"No...go 'way..." The Turk mumbled, swatting blindly at the air in front of him with one numb hand. He didn't want to play with stars today. They always cheated at card games and made him wear bonnets. Right now, he just wanted to go back to sleep.

But damnit, he was cold, and he didn't know why. Maybe Rude was hogging the covers again.

"Rude...gimme back my covers, yo..." He whined in a groggy fashion, grabbing the closest piece of cloth and tugging it across his chest, clinging to it desperately. What the clueless, dazed Reno was unaware of, however, was the fact that his "covers" were actually the sleeve of poor Cloud's uniform. So, presently, Cloud's arm was draped across his chest, and the sleepy Turk wasn't going to be letting go anytime soon.
2nd-Mar-2007 01:13 am (UTC)
Rude? He's the one being---whatever. Cloud tried to tug his arm free---tried very hard---but the way Reno was clinging to him, it was really no use. He wound up pulling himself right onto Reno. "Ramuh damn it."

Funny, Cloud could have sworn that a moment ago, Reno had told him to go away. Easy come, easy go. The Turk wasn't exactly in his right mind at the moment.

He pulled at the redhead's fingers with his free hand, trying to pry them off his sleeve. "Let me go! I'm not a blanket." He fisted Reno's hair and tugged, hoping to snap him out of whatever sleep-trance he was in. It must have looked like a one-sided wrestling match to the other troopers there.

Cloud considered using Reno's weapon to zap the redhead back to reality. He released his hold on the man's hair to dig the object from his pocket, still flopped across Reno's chest, and held the weapon up to the Turk's face.

"I'll zap you," he threatened, his voice cracking slightly at the word 'zap', due mostly to the fact that his teeth were chattering freely again and his voice was wavering. "Snap out of it." The weapon slipped from his fingers as his body was wracked with a particularly powerful shudder, so he took hold of Reno's hair and tugged some more.
2nd-Mar-2007 10:12 pm (UTC)
"No...Rude...don' wanna do that kinky shit right now. Lemme sleep." Reno groaned, elbowing the warm body behind him forcefully. "Stop tuggin'." The Turk rolled over and curled into "Rude's" warm chest, burrowing his face into the man's chest to escape the cold and still clutching his "covers", this time with two hands.

Poor Cloud must be so confused.' The still-sane part of Reno's mind sighed, shaking his head.

The redhead was starting to regain some semblance of consciousness by this point in time, but not enough to make him want to wake up. The body against his was warm, contrary to the cold all around him, and a comfy body was much better than being freezing and lonely.

((OOC: DX Shorrrt. Mesa sorry. :\))
3rd-Mar-2007 06:24 am (UTC)
Cloud had been frozen stiff (and not from the cold) ever since that "kinky shit" comment. What the hell is he thinking? Also, Reno had hit him rather hard with an elbow to his middle. Currently, Cloud was pulled up against the redhead, one hand resting on his own stomach after being elbowed, trying to find a way out. He was sort of trapped.

"Reno...wake up, Reno. Whatever you're thinking about, I'm not participating." He tried to pull back, but his body wasn't exactly disentangled enough to freely move. "I swear, if I get blamed for any of this, I'll hunt you down once I'm in SOLDIER, and I'll shove your head in the snow for much longer than we've been stuck here."

It was an idle threat; it probably wouldn't wake the Turk up, either. Cloud was very uncomfortable, physically and mentally, and if he could have moved away, he probably would have made a mad dive across the small alcove to stay with the other troopers. There had to be a better way to snap Reno back to reality. Play along? His subconscious asked him. Hell no, he argued. Let him go on being delirious.

((OOC: JAR JAR. You're using my fandom-weakness against me. >.>))
13th-Mar-2007 06:18 pm (UTC)
Something was wrong. Something had to be wrong. Miranda quickened her pace, trying to keep up with Hart, who was almost impossible to find in the blowing snow.

She seemed to be angry, mostly at the incompetent SOLDIERs Veld sent with them. One of them made a remark about Hart's mixed heritage and she took off. Now she's wandering around in the snow somewhere on this godforsaken glacier and Miranda had five people to find. She stopped, and turned to face the SOLDIER behind her.

"I don't know why you said what you did, you little piece of shit, but if anything happens to her you WILL make sure you will pay for it, and I WILL make sure your superior knows! This could very well be the last mission you go on."

Her PHS beeped. Hart's voice followed, sending her coordiantes. Two shots rang out and a cry of an ice golem followed. She was close.

"Come on, let's go!" she called, running ahead. She couldn't afford to let anyone else in her group go missing.

She thought she could make out Hart's black trenchcoat in the distance. She pulled her parka hood closed. The sooner they got off this thing the better. Pulling her guns from her holster, she prepared herself for battle. She aimed for the ice golems forehead directly in front of Hart. She fired twice. The golem lunged and fell forward. Ignoring the SOLDIERS behind her she ran towards Hart.
13th-Mar-2007 09:52 pm (UTC)
Meanwhile, in the cave, Reno was slowly coming to his senses. With a groan, he lifted his face from the burrow he'd found himself in, and the top of his head made a solid connection with someone's chin.

"Ow!" He muttered, rubbing at the injury with one hand, and he found, with shock, that he still couldn't feel his tongue. When did this happen?

...oh. His weapon. Right. Not one of the best decisions he'd made in his life, that was for sure.

Sitting up and resting his back against the chilly wall of the cave, the redhead looked down at the person he'd been cuddling for...however long he'd been delirious. With slight amusement, he saw that it was poor Cloud. Reno let out a small chuckle and slung his arms around his knees, resting his head in between them.

"So. Did you take advantage of me while I was out?" The Turk teased, grinning.

((OOC: OH MY GOD. I so don't totally suck or anything. I promise I'm not dead! ;-; Can you all forgive me?))
14th-Mar-2007 02:11 am (UTC)
At that point, the inappropriate accusation barely bothered Cloud. He was relieved that Reno had come back to reality, not because he was worried about the man's health, but because he was beginning to think the Turk would mistake him for someone else and try something weird. Still, he wasn't going to let the comment go without denying it.

"Keep dreaming; I have no problem knocking you back to unconsciousness." He glared as sternly as he could manage, and his nose wrinkled slightly. He was tempted to try zapping Reno (seriously considering it this time) and hitting him for good measure---maybe that would knock the Turk into a deeper 'sleep'. One that he wouldn't move around during. The blond pulled himself up slightly so he could sit more comfortably in a normal position.

Hearing the sound of gunshots somewhere outside, Cloud jumped an inch or two where he sat. His hand went to his waist for a weapon as his ears perked up, and he glanced from the troopers to Reno and to the entrance of their small shelter. Was someone finally coming to rescue them? They had no enemies around here, save for the monsters---none of which could use guns, so far as he knew.

He stood up completely, straightening his uniform and extra layers, trying to appear alert. "Do you think they're coming to get us?" He asked the redhead without looking at him. A large part of Cloud was hoping that their rescue team would include a certain spiky-haired brunet friend of his, so he was a bit more cheerful and excited about being here.

Zack probably heard that we were out here...he'd come out to get us if he knew. There was no doubt in the blond's mind that the SOLDIER would be joining up with any rescue party that came their way; he had no real idea of who was out there or if the gunshots had even come from something friendly, and he had no way of realizing that Zack was nowhere remotely close to them.

He decided that anyone who showed up was better than no one, and he took a few steps outside the small crevasse. He was nearly blown back inside by the harsh gusts of wind buffeting his chest as he called against the wind, "Hello? Is anyone out there coming to help us? We're over---ack!" He stumbled backwards with the icy wind and found himself sitting at the entrance to the small cave. "...here."
(Deleted comment)
16th-Mar-2007 09:54 pm (UTC)
"Relax. If someone's coming, then they probably already know where we are." Reno chided, frowning over at the blond lump at the mouth of the cave. He heaved a weary sigh and reclined his head against the cave wall, letting his eyes slip closed.

So. He was going to die cold, hungry, and Rude-less.

Oh well. It was a lot less painful than his former plan to die in a fiery plane crash.

A commotion towards the cave's entrance stirred him from his pessimistic thoughts as someone burst through the flurry of white. Clad in the usual black that could only mean...a Turk. On a second glance, he realized it was Hart. After talking to her over the network, he'd looked up her files, which had come with a picture.

Then, another realization hit.

He was saved.

"Newbie!" He cried happily, launching himself at her and squeezing the woman tightly.
19th-Mar-2007 02:06 am (UTC)
From this angle, it looked like there was about four ice golems left. She understood that Hart didn't trust her, but this wasn't her first mission. She knew what she was doing, how to react. She glanced back, it would be at least five minutes before the others would get here, and that was time she couldn't afford to lose. If she wasn't careful, Hart wouldn't reach the depression in time.

She knew she was good, but she wasn't that good. In an instant, she fired as many rounds as she could into the beast nearest to Hart allowing her to walk forward into the cave. She picked off the other golems as she waited for the others to meet her. They were her responsibility.

((OOC:Thanks for not waiting for me to post, now this makes no sense! ;p))
19th-Mar-2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
The feeling of Cloud's heart sinking to his feet surpassed the numbing feeling of the wind when the blond realized that Zack wasn't the one coming to rescue them. Upon noticing who the person was, however, he cheered up a bit (just enough to drag his heart back up a few inches).

It wasn't Zack, but it was still a familiar person. Although he hadn't had a proper look at who had come for them, Reno's elated yell of "newbie" was enough to give away the person's identity.

Cloud scrambled to his feet, brushed himself off, backpedaled a bit, and stood at attention against the wall with the other troopers. Even if he considered Hart as a friend, formalities came first on a mission (even one that had gone so awry).

Not saying a word, Cloud carefully slid his helmet back on and fell back into his low-ranking position. He had already bothered Reno enough, and if any of his disrespectful actions were reported, he wouldn't hear the end of it for a while. For now, he would mind his place and keep to himself.
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